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I write for the media, appear on television, speak on the radio and consult for film, museums and newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Smithsonian,”Frontline,” Voice of America, News 12 Long Island, NY1’s “The Call,” NPR’s “Only A Game,” the Daily Beast, the Christian Science Monitor and the Religion News Service. Here are a few more recent examples.

WNYW-Fox 5 New York
Carnegie Center for Ethics in International Affairs
Democracy Now!
On Faith
Huffington Post
Christian Century

My book The Other Catholics (Columbia 2016) is about independent Catholics – that is, Catholics who are not affiliated with the pope in Rome.  As Catholics they characteristically practice what I call “the three S’s”: succession, sacraments and saints.  But they uncharacteristically do without a pope.  Without a pope, independent Catholics can be much more experimental.  Some have had clerical marriage, women priests, and same-sex marriage for decades already.  Stay tuned!

My first book was O God of Players, published by Columbia University Press in 2003.  It’s about Catholic women’s basketball at Immaculata College in Philadelphia, Pa., including the early 1970s teams that won the first three national championships ever played.  The book inspired the movie The Mighty Macs, released in 2009.

A link to all my writing and reviews of my books can be found here.

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