California love


It took only three minutes in the rental car out of LAX to hear Tupac’s “California Love” on the radio.  Hello SoCal leg of the book tour!

I already visited St. Matt’s ECC in Orange and St. Cecilia Catholic Community in Palm Springs.

Tomorrow I’ll head to the Ascension Alliance Convocation at the Retreat Center of the Cathedral Center of St. Paul in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.  There I’ll be speaking on Saturday, September 3, 1pm, as well as signing books.  This is a public event and everyone is welcome!

Along with the Church of Antioch, Ascension Alliance is one of my two “home” independent Catholic jurisdictions, in the sense that the people in my book The Other Catholics come primarily from those two communities.  It’s been marvelous to travel the country and meet new people.  But it’s also a special moment to go back and be among old friends.

Thank you, Ascensionistas, and see you soon!

The book tour, aka gratitude tour

13781783_1060972250623154_8138382393350439486_nI always anticipated doing a book tour for The Other Catholics.  I wanted to get the word out, have conversations, and, if people would so honor me, sign books.

But even all that is secondary to just saying “thank you.”  In the last decade, so many people inside and outside of independent Catholicism opened their doors and lives to me so I could write the book.  We did it together.  Now it’s time to go back and talk about the whole process together, including the fact of a book actually being out there in the world.  Which is vulnerable for its author, but even more so for the courageous people whose intimate spiritual stories are featured.  You are awesome and brave, “other Catholics”!

So far, I’ve been to Santa Fe, New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis and Philadelphia (twice).  In New Orleans I got to be on the morning news.  In Philly we snapped this picture (below) with my two “cover girls,” Mother JoEllen Werthman and Bishop Kera Hamilton.  In Chicago the venue was the world-famous Seminary Co-op Bookstores (contact them for autographed copies!).  In St. Louis a crowd stayed after Sunday Mass at St. Stan’s, and then I talked on local public radio (photos above and below).

Upcoming 2016 gig locations include Black Mountain, N.C.; Philadephia (again!); Orange, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, Ca.; Fort Worth, Tx.; and Boston, Mass.  Stay tuned here or find me on Facebook!  Thank YOU, my readers, for all interest and support.




Religious literacy five by five

IMG_1918It was a great honor to meet the legendary Ernie Anastos at WNYW-Fox 5 New York as he interviewed me for the station’s “Religion Week.”  I found it very courageous of Anastos and the producers to take on the huge topic of religious literacy when they only had about five minutes on five successive days to do it.  I hope I contributed some small part.  See my segment here.  Ernie even mentioned The Other Catholics!




America Magazine goes to church (an independent Catholic one)

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.42.15 AM

America Magazine, the journal of the Jesuits in the U.S., takes a look at The Other Catholics and independent Catholicism! Columnist Nathan Schneider visited Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community near his home in Boulder, Colorado.  “The priest was among the most skilled presiders I’ve ever had the chance to witness; the words of the liturgy came across with both the experience of years and the freshness of the moment. The priest was also a woman,” Schneider writes of Rev. Teri Harroun.  “Even the best Roman priests I’ve known could learn a thing or two from her.”